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This community is open to all Hogwarts students who got sorted into Ravenclaw at sortingitout.

Head of House:
Elizabeth - wiseravenclaw

Izzie - butterfly_no42

Madeline - madath
Rebekah - arliaoflight
Sara - absoludicrous
Rita - neokousei
Sami - siriuslyjames
Heather - padfoot_freak
Rachael - exoticrooftile
Lauren - yasaiya
Melissa - pratchett_weiss
Judith - thelamppost
Helen - selene_fairy
Jacquelyn - polargriff
Spike - froganon
Emily - bardintraining
Claire - spybarbie
Mary - whyismyfishred
Jess - vitaldose
Carla - blindingrhyme
Anne - tora_minamino
Izzy - aprilechidna5
Danielle - xxrising
Lizzie - thelaws
Clare - stumbling_in
Rebecca - madshrubbery
Michelle - bay_wolf
Katie - lprejects2
Rachel - colored_image
Mary - reddest
Lily - just__drive
Sari - sarijw
Melissa - fresica
Brittany - rockklacasbahh
Lecretia - willag
Ari - donatello
Vee - nixchan
Paris - parisstar23
Alpha - busterde
Bernabutton - bernabutton
Lily - lilyevans_snape
Aubrey - hawlla
Olivia - ollie_xox_tv
Samantha - latenightcuppa
Debz - freakyflautist
Rosaria - rosaria_swithun
Bethany - pearldrop
Miranda - redfuze
Mia - popsixx
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